What is the difference between the windshields of normal cars and high-security glass for VIPs?


Car buyers have a range of options, available when they are shopping for pre-owned or new cars. Not only can you pick from the various makes and variants, but you also have to decide among a VIP model or normal model. The main differences of windshields between the 2 options are not always simple to spot, but there are pretty major aspects that make 2 classed of cars different one another.

Difference between windshields of normal cars and high security glass for VIPs

There’re big differences between high security glass and normal quality windshields. Windshields car glass is specially made for cars. The main purpose of the windshield car glass is to support the car’s body. It is manufactured using different sorts of high security glass items so that it does not break and shatters into pieces during collision. For this, automotive market has set VIPs standard for the windshield they need to install in their cars. For them it’s extremely vital to ensure that windshield does not shatter into pieces in case of collision.

A normal car’s windshield act as the decent safety feature during a collision and accident, high security glass for VIPs go through a range of automotive specified testing procedure before it is sent. Experts make sure that in case of a rollover the auto glass supports the roof of your luxury car and prevents it from collapsing that otherwise can wound the car occupants.

Here’re a few major differences among a high security glass for VIPs and normal car windshields.

  • Durability – the high security glass for VIPs is durable, solid and does not break under any circumstances. Normal car windshields break simply and start showing chips as well as cracks in a slight collision or accident.
  • Simply to clean – high security glass for VIPs are free from water and dust and because of these they simply to clean. Since dirt, dust, as well as bird dropping, does not stick to the surfaces that are why it does not leave marks and scratches while cleaning. Normal car windshield does not come with feature and hence get damage after a limited time.
  • Visibility – normal car windshields do not provide super fine visibility the high quality VIP one does and it becomes harder due to constant dirt and dust setting on the windshields.

Importance of Car Windscreen Care

Regardless of what type of car you have, it’s vital that you take you complete care of your windscreen at all times. You’d regularly inspect it to see if you can find any hairline cracks or small chips. Should you notice any sort of issue with your car windshield then you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Failure to do could outcome in the auto glass cracking or shattering while you are out on the route, something that’d put our life and the lives of others at serious risk.


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